Marketing Agency Job: I Finally Got One!

After travelling around Australia for a couple of years and spending time in Kangaroo Island, I decided it was time to put my marketing degree to work and find myself a job in a digital marketing agency.

After doing some searching and applying for some jobs, I came across the perfect role in Adelaide at a The Marketing Department where I could apply my studies as a content writer and social media specialist.

Digital Marketing

I’ve always had a passion for online marketing and my goal has been to work in a marketing agency who offers a wide range of services in this market.

It’s very exciting to finally get a job after all this travelling, and I can’t wait to get back into the workforce and get stuck into working again (it’s been too long!).

The Marketing Department

Video Production

I’m super excited to also get stuck into some video production again (I did a fair bit of this in University and as a freelancer for a couple of years as well) making promotional videos for a handful of clients.


Adelaide is a small place in South Australia, but it is a great place to live and I’ve made a lot of friends already on my travels who live there so it should be pretty easy to fit in there, and feel at home immediately!

I’ve found a nice place in Norwood to rent which will make the transition from travelling back into full time work much easier.


It’s been a great journey being able to travel all around the world and in particular Australia. I can’t wait to start the new chapter of my life where I will be able to start using all of my studies and the experience I’ve gained from travelling.

Meeting new people and interacting with new clients will be an amazing chance to expand my skills, and take the next step in my life!