An Overview on Why You Should Visit Australia

Welcome to the first post on my blog! I decided to focus on Australia (and my favorite Aussie destination) for my first few posts as it is where inspired me to move away to my career in software and into travel. Enjoy


Australia is the smallest continent in the world based on the Latin word Australis, meaning “South”. With amazing wilderness landscapes, unique culture and endless beaches with golden sands, make Australia a paradise. Panoramas that seem to emerge from postcards greet you at every step: the Sydney Opera House, one of the most spectacular buildings in the world, the Harbour Bridge or Harbour Cook are only a couple.
The first document of the continent was made in 1606 by Dutch seafarers. In 1770 James Cook explored the eastern coast, mapped it and claimed it for the British Empire; was later transformed into penal colony and as the population grew from Europe, the indigenous population disappeared almost entirely.


Renowned worldwide for its natural wonders, wide spaces, beaches, deserts, eucalyptus bushes and isolated areas called the ‘Outback’, Australia is still one of the countries with the highest rate of urbanization. The country is well known for attractions in major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.
Certainly there are spiders and poisonous snakes, but that does not stop tourists going to visit  …. and this of good reason. From prehistoric sheltered canyon of Kakadu National Park, to the white sails of the Opera House in Sydney, Australia offers something for everyone.


Visit Western Australia and lie on a beach with white sand, or hide in the labyrinth of meadows rich in Melbourne, or let yourself be overwhelmed by red desert sunset in Uluru and you will only see a snippet of Australia. Or point your steps south, to visit old watchmen giants forests of Tasmania, or stay in Sydney’s beautiful city of surf, sun and entertainment. With huge red deserts, deep blue sky, sunlit beaches and vast green and wet lands, Australia is great, bold and full of contrasts. Experience the kaleidoscope of bright colors that proudly displays this country.

My Favorite Place

If I were heading back to Australia tomorrow, I’d fly straight to Adelaide. Usually people would venture to Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane but I found it easiest to get around, lots to do and of course, beautiful Kangaroo Island. There are beautiful beaches, festivals, great inner-city vibe, museums and so much more. You can go fishing, swimming, shopping, bike riding or head out for a great bite to eat and some local wine. Kangaroo Island has scenery that rivals The Greek Islands and vast stretches of untouched land. I could go on for days… KI will probably be the topic of my next post.


  • The population of wild camels in Australia has surpassed one million copies for a living are forced to devour the meager vegetation of the continent, thus accelerating the process of desertification and soil erosion, are so very pronounced in Australia.
  • Sydney Opera House represents one of the architectural wonders of the world, is recognized worldwide as an iconic structure of Australia.
  • Ayers Rock (Uluru) is a wonder in itself but also has the world’s most silent restaurant called ‘Sounds of Silence’.
  • It’s said that the most beautiful sunrise in the world can be admired at Uluru.
  • The salt lakes are found in Australia, with reddish waters. Beautiful colors of lakes is produced by the Salina, which gives it a red pigment.


There is no reason not to visit Australia regardless of whether with family, friends or by yourself. It is truly a unique country (continent) which needs to be visualized in depth.